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Adopt a School Appeal to build a fuel saving eco-stove in a school

November 2020

In Mubende District alone 200,000 school meals a day are cooked on open fires in school kitchens, devouring masses of firewood. Planting new trees is necessary, but they take time to grow. Fuel saving eco-stoves have an immediate effect on saving existing trees and will allow newly planted trees to grow. So, both actions are needed to combat climate change.

Under the Learning 4 Life School Development Project we have constructed a bigger version of eco-stove to accommodate the huge pans used in schools. To date 16 stoves have been built at schools at a cost of £250 per school. It needs a team of 2 trainers and 3 local workers making 5 trips to the school (which involves renting a motorbike) to complete a stove. The local people are trained on the job, so that they become the new trainers in their communities. Support is needed to expand the program to more schools.

Please help by adopting a school for £250.

More details can be found here:

Rotary in Abingdon supports local GP practices in fighting COVID-19

April 2020

The Rotary Clubs of Abingdon Vesper and Abingdon are working together to support the Abingdon Federation of 6 GP practices (Marcham Road Health Centre, Malthouse, Long Furlong, Stert St, Clifton Hampden and Berinsfield) in helping to diagnose possible cases of COVID-19 by supplying necessary equipment – infra-red (no touch) thermometers and O2 saturation monitors - for the CALM (Community Assessment & Liaison Monitoring) Clinic. This clinic has been set up by the Abingdon Federation at Abingdon Hospital along with a CALM visiting service both of which will assess those patients with suspected COVID-19 in Abingdon. Patients will initially be assessed/triaged into this service by their own GP practices while the individual practices continue to see patients who are not suspected of having COVID-19.

Funds given by Rotary in Abingdon were matched by funds from Rotary's own charity, The Rotary Foundation.

Also, there are many individuals sewing desperately needed scrubs, for the hospitals and local GP practices. The materials have been supplied by Rotary with several Rotary volunteers very busy on their sewing machines.