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Help for Mubende hospital

Abingdon Vesper first became involved with Mubende hospital when we funded medical training for one of the doctors. We subsequently provided a laptop for the hospital to help with training administration.

A doctor walking in front of Mubende Hospital buildings
Mubende hospital

More recently one of our members and his wife provided support for laundry equipment and this year they and others gave further help raising money to provide the hospital with cleaning equipment which was presented on our visit in October 2008.

To date, cleaning in the hospital laundry has all had to be carried out by hand but this will soon change as Vesper has paid for the installation of a new washing machine for the laundry.

A group of hospital staff show off their new mops, buckets, brushes and brooms
Ann Barnett presents hospital staff with new cleaning equipment

There is a need for further help at the hospital. It was built at the start of the twentieth century for around 100 patients but the same premises now serve double that number and the wards are in urgent need of renovation. In particular, the children's ward is seen as a priority as there are three children to each bed and there are no mosquito nets. We will be looking at how we can help the hospital to move forward and improve its facilities.